How to Satisfy A Woman In Bed

So you want to know how to pleasure a girl? Good, you’re in the right place.

Gentle Touch and Teasing

Gentle touch during loveamking
A gentle loving touch and seductive kissing is what most women want.

First and foremost, you need to stimulate your woman’s desire with the right touch.

As you know, being touched roughly isn’t pleasurable. She won’t appreciate it. But gentle touching, soft and teasing, on any part of the body conveys a message of desire, affection, love, respect, sensuality… you name it.

Besides which, gentle touch in the right places on a woman’s  body can create a deeper desire for a more sexual touch. The longer you spin this process out, the more turned-on she’s going to get.

This kind of foreplay can go on for a long time, gradually increasing a woman’s arousal. Suppose, for example, that you approach her nipple, with the lightest touch. First you tease above and around it, then below and around it, but never on it – what do you think is going to happen?

Sure, she’s going to develop an intense desire to be touched right on her nipple. And do you think the same thing would happen if you went straight in there and started fondling her nipple the minute she got her clothes off? Come on. You know the answer to that. (NO!)

And besides, there’s a direct line from her nipples to her clitoris. Some women say there’s a direct line from their clitoris to their vagina. Always: the more gently you touch her, the softer you touch her, the more her clit’s going to get excited. The more her desire will increase.

subtle kisses will increase a woman's arousal
Take it slowly and seduce her with kisses

And the same is true of touching her clitoris. Never touch it directly to start with, but always around it, gently, gently stimulating it, perhaps the lightest lick or suck in the area around it. This all creates a strong desire in her to be touched in that area.

By exerting the male dominance of holding back and teasing her, you’re creating a massive sexual desire within every sexual organ (including her mind). Holding back requires masculine strength and discipline, but the rewards will be worth it.

She’ll be aroused, you will be aroused. Her clit will be erect and swollen, your penis will be erect.

This is how satisfaction and pleasure develop. When you act like this, you show her that you know how to pleasure a girl. You show you know how to please a woman. Most of all you demonstrate that you know what women want in bed. (Maybe this, maybe that.)

And normally, you’d probably want to enter her at this point.

Wonderful lovemaking
Find out what YOUR woman wants in bed! Don’t rely on internet articles…. instead, just ask her.

But you’re not going to do that. You can move her into the missionary position – gently but strongly, forcibly, like a man would. That’s what she wants.

Even now, don’t enter her. That’s not your route to pleasure – this time.

Instead, take your erect penis in your hand, and tease her clitoris with it. You’ll need plenty of lube. She may have enough; if not, add some artificial lube. Move your erect penis head up and down over her clitoris.

You’re showing her you’re in charge – she knows you could enter her… but you’re not going to do that. Instead, you’re going to continue teasing her clitoris with your penis. (Article – what makes a man good in bed?)

After a few minutes of this she’ll be begging you to put it inside her. You’re still going to say “NO”. And you’re going to say NO to her until YOU decide it’s time to satisfy her.

What a difference to just shoving it in. Then, you demonstrate no control, no discipline and no mastery of how to handle your masculinity!

Even when you think it’s time, and she’s going crazy with desire, you’re still not going to put your erect penis all the way inside her. Instead, you’re going to tease her, to bring her to even higher levels of pleasure in bed.

Do this by just inserting the first inch of your erection and moving very slowly in and out. And after a few moments of doing that, you’re going to go in just a little further, and again move your erect penis in and out very slowly.

And as you do, you show yourself to be a superb lover, adept at this form of exquisite torture. And because you’re an expert, you’re not going to go all the way inside her until she reaches the point of orgasm.

That’s right: you’re going to tease her to the highest levels of pleasure by stimulating her clitoris with your penis. And back it up by entering her partly, withdrawing, entering her again, withdrawing.

You can tease her so skilfully that she wonders whether or not you’re ever going to enter her fully.

You will feel her arousal increasing and increasing: and as you do, you’ll get more and more aroused yourself.

Bring totally in control like this is a masculine thing, and extremely powerful. 

When she’s finally begging you to give her the orgasm every part of her body is desperately crying out for, you can go into her a little deeper. You can stimulate her clitoris at the same time with your finger. This way, you’ll make sure she doesn’t lose her arousal. This makes her peak inevitable, and she’ll tip over into orgasm.

By teasing her body like this until she couldn’t stand it any more, you’ve discovered one of the best ways to pleasure a woman sexually.

But success with this technique is something which requires trust, connection, love and affection. Being teased to orgasm requires a woman to open up completely to you, both physically and emotionally.

And even as she comes, you’re not going to be banging her, although you can be a little more forceful as you thrust in and out.

Learn how to keep yourself from coming – a wonderful and essential male skill. (Click here right now to learn how to do this if you don’t already know.) You can keep thrusting in and out, and she may have more than one orgasm.

And when you have your orgasm, you will find sexual pleasure and fulfillment extending in every direction. You will have the best orgasm you’ve had for a long time, if not your entire life. And you’ve shown her that pleasing her pleases you.