How To Satisfy Your Woman Sexually!

Here’s The Key To Satisfying Your Woman, Guys!

Both men and women who engaged in five different forms of sexual activity in one session of lovemaking reported having orgasms 90% of the time. In other words, 90% of the time the woman and the man would both have an orgasm.    (Reported in


So the key to pleasuring a woman seems to be to mixing it up!

In other words, to really please a woman in bed you need to engage in oral sex, both cunnilingus and fellatio, to give and receive mutual pleasuring by hand, and of course to mix regular penetrative sex with oral pleasuring and other fun stuff such as kissing, caressing, stroking, eye gazing, massage, touch – you name it, you do it. 

The point is that lots of stimulation and lots of variation is important in achieving sexual pleasure for women.

And to be honest, the reason for this is probably because if you’re doing five different things in one session of lovemaking you’re taking time for your mutual pleasuring. And time is of the essence when it comes to arousing a woman sufficiently for her to reach orgasm.

Another key is talking to each other. That is, talking about what your woman really wants from you in bed. I mean, do you really know what will please your woman in bed?

Well, here’s an idea! You can be pretty certain that achieving orgasm is the most fulfilling thing possible for a woman, no matter how much she likes the emotional and physical intimacy of lovemaking.

But Just How Do You Really Pleasure A Woman?

OK. So you need more guidance? Read on.

Everyone knows that routines are important in life – but one area of a relationship where getting into a routine can really dull your pleasure is sex.

You see, if you really want to please your girl in bed, you have to travel many different routes to the big O. And that doesn’t just mean knowing what to do to please her, or knowing where her sensual parts are.

I’m sure, as an great lover, devoted to the art of pleasuring a woman, you already know where her clitoris and G spot are! But just in case…. here’s a video.

This is more about understanding the different types of female orgasm, and how you can give her pleasure by producing each and every one of them separately or together.

The good thing, you’ll be relieved to hear, is that it isn’t complicated.

How To Please (Really) Your Woman in Bed:
The Next Step

Everyone knows about the clitoris – it has 8000 nerve endings, it’s highly sensitive, and stimulated in the right way, it can give a woman great pleasure.

But here’s the thing! Did you know that orgasms are much better when orgasm is achieved by stimulating other parts of the female genitals at the same time as the clitoris?

So stimulating the labia, the clitoral shaft, the upper part of the clitoral hood and the opening of her urethra in her vulva, will all increase sensation and intensify her orgasm, thereby giving her more pleasure, and greater satisfaction.

But to take this to the next level, you have to keep in mind that what women really want in bed is slow leisurely sex, plenty of time devoted to pleasure, and the sense that you are there for them, really there. Oh yes – and they also want a man who is confident about sex and bringing a woman to orgasm.

Learning more sexual techniques is a sure-fire way to  please a woman. To start with, let’s look at vaginal orgasm.

smiling couple
Knowing how to please a woman will ensure great sex and a great relationship!


To know how to please a woman, you have to know how to stimulate a her  G spot. That is a great way to sexually satisfy her in bed completely.

And here’s the key to this pleasure: a study in the Journal of Sexual Medicine demonstrated very clearly that the longer sex lasts, the greater the chance of her achieving a G spot or vaginal orgasm.

First have to know where her G spot is. It’s on the front upper wall of her vagina as she lies on her back,  just 1 to 2 inches inside. See the diagram.

Female sexual anatomy
Female sexual anatomy

When it’s not aroused, you can feel it has a rippled, quite firm texture. With increasing arousal, it becomes swollen, softer, fuller, and much smoother.

Touching her G spot with your finger when she is aroused (not before!) will feel pleasurable to her. And even better if you can manage to last long enough during intercourse to thrust against it with your erect penis, then it’s going to feel even better.

And that’s about finding a sex position that’s going to give her as much physical pleasure as possible. Keep in mind, these aren’t simple tricks you can use merely to please a woman in bed, they are fundamental sexual techniques that all good lovers need to know and understand.

Good lovers know all about the female genitals and how to stimulate her with sensitive touch.
Good lovers know all about the female genitals and how to stimulate her with sensitive touch.

Sure, not many men can last for 15 minutes before they ejaculate, so you might have to use your finger as well as your penis to stimulate her G spot.

Even so, this will give her a lot of satisfaction! 

The Blended Orgasm

A blended orgasm is an orgasm achieved by the combination of clitoral and vaginal stimulation. The pleasure can be intense, it’s extremely powerful, it involves more emotions and different feeling than a clitoral orgasm.

The clit produces physical pleasure, while a blended orgasm really does give a woman the best of all possible worlds. So it you’re wondering what to do with a girl in bed, this is a good thing to try….

Give A Woman The Satisfaction Of A Blended Orgasm

A lot of people recommend the woman on top position for a blended orgasm. And that’s a great way to start, because the woman can stimulate her clitoris against her man’s body.

But it’s possible to do this in a variety of positions, including the man on top if the couple adopt the coital alignment technique. This is a position in which the man’s body, and the base of his penis in particular, will stimulate his partner’s clitoris. And because the movement in the coital alignment technique is gentle rocking rather than powerful thrusting, it’s also possible for a man to last much longer in this position.

Another position which makes it possible to easily please your wife or girlfriend in bed is the side-by-side position, where you can caress each other’s bodies, including her breasts and clitoris. In this position, stimulation of a man’s penis is much less, so he is likely to last longer in bed, to have more endurance.

Multiple Orgasms

If you want to achieve multiple orgasms, and even greater pleasure for your woman, try continuing stimulation after she’s had her first orgasm, so that she rolls on into a second and possibly a third before she’s finished.

Some say multiple orgasms are very pleasurable, but a woman who achieves a powerful first orgasm rarely wants to go for another one. So it’s all about personal taste, what will satisfy a woman most, and knowing how to please the woman  in your life.

Immediately after a woman’s reached her climax you can lessen the speed and pressure of stimulation on her clitoris while you continue to stimulate her in the same place for 30 seconds.

Then resume stimulation at a normal pace to bring her to a second orgasm. This takes skill and practice, and knowing how to reduce the pressure after the first orgasm. This gives her clitoral area a “rest” while it is extremely sensitive before you restart stimulation and increase her arousal once more.

After the second orgasm, you can begin intercourse and then you stand a good chance of achieving a blended vaginal and clitoral orgasm.

A woman's skin is her biggest erogenous zone.

Every part of her body skin is a sexually sensitive receptor.

Think Your Way to Pleasure

Interestingly enough, you can get to orgasm by just thinking about it!

Scientists have known for a long time that people with spinal injuries can still reach orgasm, although in general that’s attributed to active nerve pathways which avoid the spinal column.

But thinking yourself to orgasm seems to be literally about creating a sensation similar to orgasm anywhere in the body.

The way to do it is to find yourself a space that’s relaxed, comfortable and safe, where you’re not going to be interrupted, and where you have time for yourself. You need to be free of guilt.

For example, if you use weird fantasies to get off,  you certainly have to be relaxed about them and totally accepting of what’s going on in your own mind.

And all you do, it seems, is to think about whatever turns you on, and let your mind take you to the happiest place where your fantasies are arousing you.

Although I said earlier this is about solo pleasure, you can bring a partner in as well if you so desire.

Either you or your partner will explore the areas of your body you might not have explored before. That could include, for example, your ear, your ankle, even the web of skin between your thumb and forefinger.

You then associate arousing, sexy and pleasurable thoughts with this area of the body simply by touching it at the same times as you think about these fantasies. As you do so, the connection can become strong enough for you to reach orgasm when you stimulate that part of your body.