Simple Things, Great Pleasure For Women And Men

Although I wouldn’t want you to think I regard Maxim magazine as one of the best sources of male sexual advice about how to please a woman, the truth is that popular men’s magazines do have useful articles which explain the sexual principles that men might not know….

So, in typical magazine fashion, Maxim‘s instructions on how to please a woman are phrased as “The 18 Things Women Love Most about Sex”.

Let’s look at them and see if there are any lessons we can pick up here that might make it easier to please a woman in bed, satisfy her sexually, and establish a wonderful relationship in every way!

Start With Kissing

To start with, kissing seems to feature high on the list of things that please women. Of course you have to be good at it – which means not being drunk, not being sloppy, not being haphazard, not being a bloke who isn’t sensitive to what his woman’s feeling. And apparently one study shows that if both the man and the woman tilt their heads to the right, it’s more arousing for the woman. Go figure.

The next stage of pleasuring a woman according to Maxim seems to be nibbling.

I think what they mean by that is not actually chewing on her, but sucking, gently biting her earlobes and other body bits. And don’t forget – kissing a woman’s body gently and seductively is a quick way to turn her on, get her right into her body and help her to get ready for a big orgasm. And there’s nothing more pleasing than that, as you know.

And of course knowing that she turns you on is incredibly exciting for a woman, so you need to look hot and desiring. You need to give her that look. The look which says “I’m going to take you, and rip your soul apart, and I’m gonna make you mine. How do you feel about that?” 

Remember that even if you’ve been married for a long, long time you still need to know how to pleasure your wife in bed, how to properly pleasure her. Research shows that after five years, one in five marriages is sexless (defined as having sex less than 10 times a year).

You don’t want to fall in that category! You want to continue to enjoy sex that is exciting,  in a faithful loving relationship.

Back To The Pleasure

Undressing a woman slowly can be very arousing for her – provided she’s confident about the way her body looks.

Loads of women seem to have hangups about their body, and you need to be sensitive to this, perhaps allowing her to snuggle under the sheets before she takes her clothes off if she feels self-conscious about her appearance.

This is all part of being a good lover and knowing how to create the situation that will allow a woman to get aroused, reach orgasm, and enjoy plenty of sexual satisfaction.

Don’t forget her nipples; well, of course you’re not likely to, being a man, and they are designed to be responsive to a mouth – so make sure that you suck gently, kiss, lick and find out what she likes you to do with them.

Some women don’t really like nipple play, but they are few and far between: in general, playing with a woman’s breasts and nipples in the right way will please her greatly. You might find she likes it when you put the flat of your hand against one breast while you’re stimulating the other. But the best way to find out what she wants you to do with her breasts (and everything else) is to ask her – and then remember for the next time!

And of course, foreplay is vitally important in pleasing a woman. Indeed, for most women it’s just as important as the main event (assuming that the main event is penetration).

Foreplay is about lavishing attention on a woman, all over her body, and also getting into her mind – perhaps by means of your sheer animal magnetism, or maybe by staring deeply into her eyes and conveying the love you feel for her.

And if you don’t feel love for her, then what you need to convey is respect, admiration, trust and desire. Oh yes, and of course pleasure too! After all, that’s why you’re with her, isn’t it?

The Main Event

You might think you’re a stud, and you might think the best way to make a woman come is to pound away inside her for as long as it takes for her to scream with joy. If you’re working on that level of sophistication, what you might not realize is that she isn’t screaming with joy, she’s just faking an orgasm to get you to stop. 

Yes! It’s clitoral attention a woman wants – and if you don’t know where the clit is, or how to stimulate it, then you’d better get some advice right now. The clitoris is the main source of pleasure for nearly all women during sex.

Just as nothing is more arousing to a man than making love to an aroused woman, so nothing is more arousing to a woman than an aroused man consumed with desire for her… (except possibly good foreplay). So show her how much being with her is pleasing you….

But don’t forget that sex – i.e. penetration- doesn’t have to follow on immediately from foreplay. Simply cuddling together when you’re naked can be very pleasurable for both of you – perhaps especially so for a woman when she’s in bed, because the eroticism of being naked with a partner is an important aspect of sexual satisfaction.

For a woman loving a man, experiencing a sense of trust and respect for him, nothing can be better than feeling him inside her. Just think about how that feels for you – not only is it pleasurable, but it’s deeply personal, and it means a great deal in a loving relationship.

What are the other aspects of sex make up the top 18 female turn-ons? Well, there’s whispering sweet nothings, sexy talk, the noises that you make such as grunting and groaning which show how much you desire her and how much being with her is a pleasure for you, her man, when you’re making love to her.

Another key to pleasing a woman is making her feel like a sex goddess! Lots of women want to know they’re good in bed, and every woman wants know she really can please her man.

And don’t forget that when men and women make love in bed, pleasing women is actually easy. Why? Because being in love conquers all, you ask? Well, love certainly makes satisfying a woman or a guy in bed much easier, and it really helps you discover the best ways to pleasure a woman.

Why? Because there’s a kind of easiness and a relaxed quality to sex between two people who are deeply loving and know each other intimately.

And as we get towards the climax of lovemaking, don’t forget that women are often pleased to go on top. Not only does this position give her pleasure, but she can really control the rhythm and speed of sex, and she might even be able to move her clitoris against your body so she reaches orgasm easily. And there’s nothing more pleasurable than coming during sex!

Finally, don’t forget that some women really get off on seeing a man ejaculating uncontrollably – whether it’s inside her body or not. But do this respectfully, because she’s not likely to appreciate you ejaculating on her face unless you’ve agreed that first!

Mutual pleasure during sex is about finding things you both enjoy and which give you pleasure, and which turn you on.

And then, knowing you’ve done your best, and having achieved the greatest possible sexual satisfaction with each other, you can relax together in bed, in that glorious postcoital state of bliss.