How To Satisfy A Woman & Please Her Every Time!

You’re a man. Of course you want to know how to please your woman in bed. You want techniques and tricks that will let you satisfy her sexually with ease.  Good news – they’re all here!

The Art Of Pleasure

You probably realized early on in your sexual career that there’s absolutely no way in which you can tell whether a woman is faking an orgasm or not. 

You might have heard that when a woman’s nipples get erect, or her feet and toes curl, it means she’s having an orgasm – and that is in fact true. The problem is, women know this too, so even if there’s a bit of acting required, no-one need ever be any wiser.

woman being pleasured in bed
This woman is having an orgasm – or is she?
You will never know. (In fact, she is, and so is he, at the exact same time.)

This may be hard for men to hear, but the sad fact is that all women, without exception, have faked an orgasm more than once, maybe even most of the time, and you, as a man, probably didn’t even know.

You may have thought you were pleasuring your partner, giving her satisfaction, and all the time, she was faking it. Ouch.

In fact, you probably concluded you knew exactly how to pleasure a woman in bed, or thought you were satisfying her sexually. Most likely, you believed you’d made her come with your sexual skills.

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The question, then, is how a man can ever please a woman in bed? How can you even know what to try in bed, if your woman is faking an orgasm? And, more to the point, why is she faking? Surely she knows that you only want to give her pleasure and satisfaction?

Why Women Fake Pleasure

There are several reasons why a woman fakes orgasms – first, because she loves her man and wants him to feel great, like he’s a good lover.

Second, she probably thinks that not reaching orgasm is her fault, particularly if she doesn’t know that most women don’t reach orgasm during intercourse. And of course, no woman wants her man to think she’s frigid. Any woman would much rather have her man thinking he knows how to pleasure her (and give him the “evidence”!) than have him thinking she’s frigid.

More to the point, maybe, is that many women don’t even know why they’re not having orgasms. Worse, they tend to think this lack of orgasm is their fault and often believe that if only they could do something about it, then their man would be able to please them in bed, they’d be satisfied, and everything in the garden would be rosy.

And most important of all, it’s hard for a woman to tell her man that he’s not really doing what she needs to get excited.

Whose Fault Is This?

Very often, men do know how to please women – at least in theory. They know foreplay is needed to get a woman aroused, and even if it’s boring, it might be the only way she’ll reach orgasm. 

Unfortunately, as soon as a woman’s burning with desire, most men start lusting after her body, and usually that ends with him entering her and pumping away. Sadly for most women this is NOT very exciting – so while he’s doing his “Big Bang Number”, thrusting in and out, banging her, her sexual arousal is actually disappearing.

At this point you might be thinking “No way! That can’t possibly be true”!

You might be thinking it can’t possibly true because you’ve seen women moaning and groaning and screaming with satisfaction as men “bang them” in films.

Well, I’ve got some interesting news for you: if you’re planning your sex life, and in particular how to pleasure your woman or girlfriend in bed, on the basis of porn films, then you really need to rethink a few things. 

Porn films are all about satisfying the male ego and male sexual desire in equal measure. They are not about fulfilling a woman’s sexual needs in bed. They are designed as jerk off vehicles which play into men’s fantasies.

Sadly, though, they also make men think that plunging into a woman and thrusting in and out, hard and fast, will make her scream with delight, quickly reach a massive orgasm, and swoon at his feet.

The reality is very different: most women find vigorous thrusting painful. And although most women are up for an exciting bout of vigorous sex from time to time, most of the time, most women want gentleness and tenderness combined with masculine force and confidence.

What they don’t want is prolonged vaginal thrusting without any clitoral stimulation – because that way they’re never going to be satisfied, nor pleasured.

If this is all news to you, then please accept my congratulations. You’re starting out right now on a journey to a place where you can really pleasure a woman – and satisfy her sexually – regardless of whatever is happening in your bed at the moment.

You’re going to find out how to really satisfy a woman when you’re making love to her.

The female orgasm
This woman really is having an orgasm.


What Do Girls Want In Bed?

You see, the majority of women are very sensual, take a long time to arouse, and require physical and emotional intimacy and connection to be able to reach orgasm. Also, they want to be with a partner who they like and love, or at the very least, respect and trust.

Read this next sentence carefully: it might save you a lot of trouble. Sensual touching, connection and foreplay can turn a woman on, but she’s not likely to reach orgasm without sustained clitoral stimulation.

(Sure, there are a few women who can reach orgasm through stimulation of G spot inside the vagina – but they’re in the minority – maybe around 10% at the most.)

Even so, intercourse is pleasurable for many woman, orgasm or not. During lovemaking, a couple connects in the most intimate way possible, which in itself gives many woman pleasure; often the act of physical act of loving her man produces pleasurable sensations in a woman’s G spot. 

But, to repeat, most women will not reach orgasm in this way, and therefore are not going to be satisfied in bed.

Female sensuality
No matter how wonderful your lovemaking might be, it most likely it won’t give her an orgasm.

Pleasuring a woman is an art, not a science, and there’s no fixed formula on how to do it – but what we can say with confidence is that the more sensitive, caring and attentive you are to your partner’s needs, the better able you will be to please a woman, to give her pleasure, and to sexually satisfy her.

This website is all about describing the best ways to do this, the ways that will make it easy for you to please not just the woman you’re with the moment, but to pleasure any woman, to pleasure any girl, you happen to meet, and give them an orgasm in a way which gives you satisfaction and fulfilment as well.

Now, read on to find out all about how to pleasure a woman in bed.

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